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Bhavani Mandap

Bhavani Mandap is a tiny charming monolith nestled inside the walled city of Kolhapur. The place has rich historical significance and also was constructed a very long time earlier. The Mandap is likewise described as "the glory" of Kolhapur, built throughout the power of King Shivaji Maharaja II. Bhavani Mandap used to belong to the king of Kolhapur as one of his palaces and also was likewise utilized as a durbar. The king performed essential meetings, litigations, and also parties inside this building. The place likewise had living quarters for much of its court authorities. A gigantic statuary is positioned right before the Mandap, of the most liked king of Kolhapur, Shahu Maharaj, who was virtually under the British Raj throughout his power. Hotels in Kolhapur are loaded with solutions.

There are numerous interesting artefacts on screen below, such as the stuffed trophies of deer and also panthers, which were hunted by the King. One such piece is a gigantic packed bison on which, many strings of saffron are generously spread. Given the quantity of saffron associated with the bison, it has acquired some spiritual importance amongst the neighborhood individuals. A wood throne is additionally on screen as well as it is thought to be one that was utilized by the leader Shivaji throughout his check outs to Kolhapur. The Mandap was divided into 14 squares, however after major assaults by the British military, 7 of them got destroyed.

Currently, the Bhavani Mandap is utilized as a cumulative burial place of the aristocracy of Kolhapur.


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